The most shocking day.. ever.

Picture this, it’s Good Friday, we both have the day off from work, we leave for our honeymoon in less than 48 hours, it’s gorgeous outside and we have no plans for the day.  My father-in-law calls and asks if we want to go to a baseball game; sure, why not.  We eat some ball park snacks, have some laughs and head home.


Throughout the week, I’d been complaining of some symptoms that my google searches couldn’t distinguish between PMS or early pregnancy and we wanted to be sure I could drink on the honeymoon so on the way home we decide it might be a good idea to pick up a pregnancy test.  When I brought it up days before, Jamie thought I was nuts for wanting to test before I even missed a period, but that day he agreed it might not be a bad idea to confirm before we left.

We get home and I rush to the bathroom, not eager to take the test, but I just really had to pee.  I barely read the instructions on the test and give it a go since I was basically running to the bathroom.  The test says 2-10 minutes for results.  Jamie is outside letting our dog out.  About a minute later I look down and see this….


I left the room.  Nope, no way that can be right.

I come back I still see the word “yes.”  I grab the box to confirm I actually purchased a pregnancy test and not an ovulation kit, hey you never know.  It was in fact the right test.  I pick it up, walk to the kitchen, say nothing and hand it to Jamie.  I wish I could describe the shock on his face.  The following phrases were said by both of us multiples times:

  • No way.
  • How did that happen so fast?
  • Should we take another one?
  • Holy shit. < full disclosure, this was most used.

A minute later my mom calls; can’t answer that yet.  Holy shit.  Jamie grabs a beer, I chug a water and mentally prepare to take test #2.  They come two in a box, that’s genius by the way.  I take the next one, another quick positive result.  This is really happening.  After 15-20 minutes of shock, we did get excited.

This was something we absolutely wanted how could we not be excited.  Never in our wildest dreams did we think it would happen so quickly for us.  We feel blessed, so happy and incredibly nervous.  We found out extremely early, which leaves a lot of time in that risky stage.  We must go through the next couple of months not being able to tell people because things can still go wrong.  I have spent a lot of time praying already, and I will continue to do so indefinitely.

It’s hard for me to not get ahead of myself.  Once wedding planning ended, I started putting all my energy into home renovation plans… plot twist. Then, twenty-four hours after finding out I said something along the lines of, “well now we know we can get pregnant quickly when it comes time for number two.” Jamie almost jumped off the plane en route to our honeymoon. Baby number one is still a little bundle of cells and there I was bringing up the next child. He puts up with a lot of that from me, and I love him for it (it was in the vows).

Next up for us: excessive googling, prayers, positive affirmations, and doing our best to keep the news contained to just our immediate family.


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