Opting out of the “gender reveal” party..

Those close to Jamie and I have seen firsthand what a year 2017 has been for us.  Lots of major milestones happening all at once, it’s literally impossible to slow it down. At the same time I love it,  I wish everyone could experience the high on life feeling that I’ve been running on for months. But with all that in mind, we’ve decided that the moment of finding out what our baby is, boy or girl, will be a moment just for us. But that begs the next question, how do we share it because ultimately we do want to share that news with all of our family and friends.

We’ve been getting tons of questions about how we are going to reveal Baby Dill’s gender to the world.  This is a pretty big moment for everyone apparently, and I love that.  When I’ve told people we wanted to do a small party just family, it started to snowball, how could we do it without so and so, if we invite X we have to invite, Y and Z.  You get the idea.  Then I started telling people we weren’t going to do one, and they started offering to host it.  If someone else were to host it even more XYZ problems would ensue.

So now that we have firmly decided against it, the world wants to know how they are going to be told.  Do I have to find out on Facebook with everyone else?  You better text me right after.  Let me be clear, I have no problem with these statements or questions, I feel the same way, how are we going to tell the world because they want to know!
Here is what I know: we’re going to find out alone.  Our parents will know first.  Our siblings will follow.  From there, I’m open to suggestions.

We’re going to try and upset as few people as possible.  Here’s to hoping that everyone will understand the personal decision that we’ve made about this and accept whatever way we choose to tell them.

He or she, we can’t wait to see!!


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